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Welcome to the game of Solo HEAL Scrabble.

You have the opportunity to show off your word skills and see if you can get to the top of our leader board. To do that you must get the highest total score when playing a game of solo HEAL Scrabble.

You have a succession of turns until all the tiles are used up or you can't find a way of placing any tiles on the board.

You have upto 2 minutes for each turn. In a turn you form a word to put on the board. You put the letters you want to add on your top tile holder rack. You do this by selecting (clicking) the tile you want to move and then using the arrow keys to move the tile.

Once you have formed your word. Indicate the direction (horizontal or vertical) you want your tile to be placed and then click the place on the board where the first letter of your word is to go.

If there is room on the board to place your word, and the word or words formed are in the Cambridge English Dictionary, your word will be added to the board and your score will be recorded:

To play the game complete the form below:

The Solo HEAL Scrabble League Table
Daisymay 636 7.07 24th Feb 2021
Daisymay 627 10.11 16th Feb 2021
Daisymay 531 4.87 19th Jan 2021
Colin 210 6.36 27th Jan 2021
Fred 79 7.18 9th Nov 2023